​Application of carbon fiber in daily life

Posted by Eva on 17th Aug 2020

 Carbon fiber refers to the general term for fibers with a carbon content of more than 95%, and is named for its high carbon content. 

This mysterious material has finally appeared in the daily lives of ordinary people. This high-performance material, which started more than half a century ago, has now become a part of our daily lives. Now, New applications of carbon fiber appear almost every day.

The earliest carbon fiber materials were mainly used in high-tech fields such as aerospace because of their light weight and high strength, and their cost was extremely high. However, with the continuous development of science and technology and the improvement of the production process of carbon fiber materials, the production cost of carbon fiber materials has been greatly reduced. It can be used in various forms in application fields, such as woven into tubes and sheets, used in the construction field, or used as a conventional fiber for winding filaments. Carbon fiber not only has various advantages of elemental carbon, but also has the flexibility of fiber and excellent strength and toughness. 

Among the current leisure products, the first application of carbon fiber materials is fishing rods. The current global production of carbon fiber material fishing rods is about 24 million per year, which is equivalent to about 1,800 tons of carbon fiber. The application of carbon fiber materials in golf clubs began in 1981. The current global output of carbon fiber golf clubs is about 50 million per year, which is equivalent to the use of 3,000 tons of carbon fiber materials. The application of tennis rackets dates back to 1969. Now the world produces about 5.1 million carbon fiber tennis rackets every year, and the amount of carbon fiber required has reached 800 tons. In fact, carbon fiber materials have appeared in many fields, such as snowboards, baseball bats, racing cars, bicycles, and various sports apparel products.

At present, the various advantages of carbon fiber materials have been recognized by people, and this advanced material has begun to be widely used in various fields of life. With the reduction of cost, the application of carbon fiber in the automotive field has become more and more extensive. At present, many super sports car bodies have adopted a large number of carbon fiber materials, but its wider use may be in internal components, Like the current car shell, carbon fiber materials have been added to reduce the weight of the car body, while also increasing the hardness of the car body, which can provide better safety protection for the drivers and passengers. 

Household carbon fiber. Regardless of the style or the actual application, the use of carbon fiber in the home is beyond imagination. For those who care about fashion, you may want a shiny black bathtub or coffee table made of carbon fiber, then it can be achieved immediately. It seems that iPhone protective cases, pens and even bow ties are not uncommon because of the unique and sexy appearance of carbon fiber.

As a modeling compound in daily life, carbon fiber has also appeared, such as household appliances, building materials, electronic products and related fields. In the air breathing apparatus used by firefighters, carbon fiber materials are also present, as well as some other similar fuel containers, such as YUY tanks. In the past, these containers were made of metal, which was very heavy, but after being replaced by carbon fiber reinforcement, the quality of these containers was greatly reduced. Therefore, more and more metal items have been added with carbon fiber materials. For example, because of the addition of carbon fiber materials to new air respirators developed in Japan, the market demand has rapidly risen to the first place in the country. This shows the excellent quality of carbon fiber materials. 

At the same time, in the current civil engineering field, the use of carbon fiber materials for seismic repair and reinforcement methods is also rapidly spreading in Japan. Everyone knows that Japan is a country prone to earthquakes, and its buildings are subject to earthquakes and various natural disasters all year round. Because Japan vigorously develops the application of carbon fiber materials in engineering construction. At present, most buildings, highways, and bridges in Japan have used carbon fiber materials as reinforcement materials for building structures. The use of this material has increased the seismic and crack resistance level of building structures in Japan. Grade. 

Environmental application. As a chemical purifier, the carbon material itself is a powerful absorbent. When absorbing harmful chemicals, surface area is important. For a given weight of carbon fiber, its surface area is significantly larger than that of particles. Although most of the activated carbon particles are currently used as bedding and water purification, the potential of carbon fiber in the field of environmental purification is still obvious.

In addition to the frequent appearance of carbon fiber materials in the automobile and other fields, in recent years, in the European area centered on the European Union, in various oil tankers, large passenger ships and other ships, carbon fiber materials have also been widely recognized and used in the market. 

In the development and application of new energy, such as wind turbine blades, wind turbine towers and other components, the development trend of carbon fiber materials is also very strong and rapid. These fields are closely related to our daily lives, and the corresponding carbon fiber materials will also be more widely used in more fields.


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