Carbon Fiber Cell-phone Case

Posted by Eva on 16th Aug 2020

The mobile phone case is a kind of cover that can protect the mobile phone to a certain extent. Not only that, the mobile phone case also has beautiful characteristics. There are many kinds of it. Different mobile phones can have different materials and different styles, and different mobile phone models will have different mobile phones that can be matched with them. Carbon fiber phone case is a kind of phone case made of carbon fiber material, which has better strength and plasticity. Next, let us understand some of the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber phone case.

What is carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is a fibrous carbon material with a carbon content of more than 90%. It is made of organic fibers-polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fiber, viscose fiber, pitch fiber and other raw filaments that have been pre-oxidized, carbonized, graphitized and other high-temperature solid phases. It is prepared by reaction process and is composed of graphite crystallites with preferential orientation, so it has high strength and elastic modulus (rigidity). Its specific gravity is generally 1.70 g/cm3~1.80g/cm3, strength is 1200 MPa~7000MPa, elastic modulus is 200 GPa~400GPa, thermal expansion coefficient is close to zero, even negative value (~1.5×10 -6 Power).

Countless carbon fibers are bonded together to make a tow (a package of untwisted constant filaments), then those tows are woven into a cloth. On account of this ratio, carbon fiber's potency is five times that of steel, whereas two-thirds reduce the weight. In several uses, carbon fiber has substituted metals and other substances Because of this. Carbon fiber's potency and weightlessness make it a very popular material for making cubes and back covers. They're usually bulky, although on the flip side, security is provided by metal boxes. If you're currently searching for a cell phone case material which is lighter but provides more protection you should choose a carbon fiber case. Like all mobile bag substances, carbon fiber has its own benefits and pitfalls.

What are the benefits of using carbon fiber to make a mobile phone case?

In the following guide, we go over the benefits and pitfalls of carbon fiber telephone cases.

Its strength provides super strong protection for the mobile phone, and it is very durable.

Cell phone cases are quite durable since they're not likely to wear and tear. Along with its excellent physical attributes (making it an perfect material for creating cell phone covers), carbon fiber also produces a distinctive and gorgeous surface finish, meaning phone cases made from that substance are usually appealing, coming from a great deal of colors, patterns and layouts.

At the same time, its ultra-thin and ultra-light design can abandon the bloated feeling brought by other mobile phone cases, making the mobile phone case and the mobile phone perfectly integrated.

The power to weight ratio of carbon fiber makes it a material in the production of a selection of goods including back covers and cases, as stated previously.

though the situation feels as light as a feather, damage will be sustained by the smart phone in case of mishaps and drops.

Carbon fiber also has good thermal conductivity, which ensures that the phone can dissipate heat well under long-term use.As a result of the high melting point, carbon fiber is resistant to flame.

Carbon fiber can be also a watertight compound so the phone cases made of this substance are additionally watertight (but not waterproof). Mobile Cases is non-poisonous since the substance itself is inert.

Carbon fiber composites are considerably more costly than conventional materials. This because of the fact that the creation of carbon fibers necessitates specialised machines and tools. The cost of cell phone cases are higher than the normal phone case.

If you are still looking for a mobile phone case that shows your taste, is unique, and is very durable and has both wireless charging and magnetic absorption, then Docarbonfi will be your best choice.


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