Which one is better, carbon fiber eyewear or titanium eyewear?

Posted by Eva on 4th Aug 2020

Carbon fiber eyewear and Titanium eyewear are two types of eyewear, which have their benefits as they're made of two quite different materials and are more and more popular in the current market. However, as a common consumer, they'll be a bit confused when buying eyeglasses in eyewear stores. It's difficult for them to choose as they have no idea of the material properties.

So which one is better? Carbon fiber eyewear or Titanium eyewear? 

currently, Let's give a brief introduction to you for these two different eyewear.

For the fabric property, carbon fiber and titanium have several similarities with each other, such as lightweight, strong, and corrosion resistance. however compared to titanium glasses, carbon fiber eyewear is much lighter, stronger and has better performance in corrosion resistance, which is a new and high-grade material for eyewear. The following is a specific analysis or comparison made from the above three aspects (weight, hardness/strength, corrosion resistance) for these two kindly of eyewear.

In terms of weight, the Titanium eyewear is extremely light-weight. The density of pure titanium eyewear glasses is 4.5g/cm3 and titanium alloy eyewear glasses is 8.9g/cm3, from which you know pure titanium eyewear is lighter than titanium alloy eyewear. For eye frames with the same design or appearance, titanium frames are only half the weight of other normal metal eyewear frames. However, Carbon fiber eyewear is much lighter than titanium or aluminum eyewear frames and just 1/2 the weight of them. Usually, we import the carbon fiber material from Japan or Germany, which makes the carbon fiber eyewear or carbon fiber sunglasses extremely light and has much better anti-impact force.

In terms of hardness, Ti material has smart performance, which is about 2 times harder than stainless steel and iron, 6 times harder than aluminum. Nevertheless, carbon fiber is lighter than aluminum, harder than stainless steel, and 20 times harder/stronger than iron from above, you can have a clear idea that carbon fiber eyewear have better hardness/strength than Ti eyewear.

In terms of corrosion resistance, the tests show carbon fiber eyewear performs better than titanium eyewear, which won't be unsound or broken in the ultra-harsh environment after a long time. Except for this point, they also have some other similar advantages. Such as, Ti eyewear has good acid and alkali resistance, high stability, good elasticity and tenacity, not easy out of shape and fade; carbon fiber eyewear have high-temperature resistance, radiation-resistant, also good elasticity and tenacity, wear resistance, etc.

In terms of production techniques, the production of titanium eyewear has been very mature, which can provide various colors of plating and give consumers more choices. However, the production of carbon fiber eyewear is much more complicated. Many factories can only produce the single color carbon fiber eyewear or carbon fiber sunglasses with quite simple structure. They connect or stabilize each part of the frames only by screws. After several years' research and development for carbon fiber eyewear, Docarbonfi eyewear manufacturer can solve the above production limitation.

To get one carbon fiber eyewear or one titanium eyewear? Above all, it is depended on your preference, such as style, color, material, price, etc. All of them can be one of the factors for you to make the final choice.


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